1 on 1 Private Sessions

1 on 1 sessions is great for those individuals looking to get that intense individual training. Through 1 on 1 sessions it's very easy to pinpoint where a player could improve technically, physically, mentally, and a bit tactically as well. 


We aim to help all players become masters of the ball and of their individual game before we show them how to bring the individual piece to the team.

Players must be willing to get uncomfortable to experience growth, they must be willing to be pushed to reach peak levels. Through all LBPP training, we aim to push the player more & more.

Please see price list.


Personal Club Team Trainer

Club teams can book coach Leo and his team to come in and help players improve their individual game to help increase the overall team performance by sharpening the individuals, get in touch!

Whether it's an underperforming forward, to a midfielder with low passing completion stats, to a defender that has poor positioning and are lacking comfort on the ball, we help address the small things that are hard to address in team environments.  

Get in touch today!

1 on 1 Virtual Sessions

1 on 1 virtual sessions is for those players who are looking to put in some work with Coach Leo through Zoom. Get a chance to master the ball and improve our physical conditioning virtually. 

It doesn't matter where in the world you are, we can arrange a session that is suitable for both parties! Let's put in some work today! 



The LB Football Academy is a training academy helping players reach maximum performance through intense training methods. 

There are 5 groups;

Development Group 5 & 6 

Juniors: ages 7 & 8

Junior Pro's: 8 - 10  

Junior Elites: ages 10 - 12

Elites: 13 - 16

Every player must undergo an assessment to join this academy to ensure all players are placed in accurate groups. The academy aims to grow and develop the player on the field and the person for off the field. 

This program is a 10-month program that runs in between players club training and school. Players are required to train a minimum of two days out the week to keep a place within the academy. Please get in touch for academy pricing plans.

Please get in touch if interested in joining the LB Football Academy. We'd love to connect! 

In the meantime subscribe to the youtube channel and Instagram to see what we do! @coachleobda 


Football Camps

Every school break we have some sort of camp or clinic going on. These camps are usually for girls and boys between ages 6 - 12 and are held between Bermuda College and the LB Football Academy facility in Southampton.

For the most part, flyers for camps will be posted on Instagram @lbfa_bermuda and the registration link could be accessed through the website or through Instagram.