Junior Pros

Junior Pros is the group above the Juniors with an age range of 8 - 10. This group is not so much about age it's about level. 


We focus on some pretty challenging ball mastery and some really complex drills that target multiple areas of the player. Only when a player is ready, they'll be pushed into this group. 


They train 3x per week from September to June, going through the four phases of the LB methodology. 

Utilizing the LB Lab to train for all four phases allows players to train rain blow or shine in tight spaces improving multiple parts of a players game.


1) Develop adaptable players 


2) Develop technically

sound players

3) Help players start the mastery process of the ball, their body movements, and their game

4) Improve the decision making and 'thinking' part of all players

5) Discover with players their strengths & weaknesses and help improve their weaknesses while they learn how to utilize their strengths

6) Give them a professional experience, helping them see what it would be like to be a pro player


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The LB Way

With the Junior pro level, the players should already be pass the basics, which gives us a different focus than the Juniors group.

At this level, the players are constantly being challenged to adapt to different levels and stages of the game. 


We teach everything from an individual aspect first, meaning - We believe in the mastery of self first before you can become a part of a team and be taught systems. 

Teaching systems to one who hasn't conquered self leaves the player reliant on the taught system. Which means they aren't adaptable players, they are players who can only play one coaches system well.

We are developing players to be able to adapt to any system and flourish.


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